Monday, August 1, 2016

NIAA Coaches & Rules Meeting

NIAA Cheer & Dance Coaches Meeting
Wednesday - August 3
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Galena High School
Room #504
Please bring your 2016-17 NFHS Coach(s) Rule Book. Most schools order at least one for every program - check with them first! I will bring some extra ones for those of you that want more! They are $5 - Cash or Check to NIAA
Also, if you have a cost breakdown and/or your school's rules/constitution that you would not mind sharing with other schools, please bring a few extra copies! I am contacted all the time by new coaches who are seeking help in these areas. As you know, cheer fees and school program rules are site decisions not NIAA. Let's help our new coaches have confidence and knowledge in navigating high school cheer at their schools!
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The annual meeting is required for all coaching staff. As you know, all schools have Head JV, Head Varsity and Head Dance Coaches, so generally EVERYONE is a head coach and as a result we open the meeting up to all high school coaches.
The NIAA meeting is always scheduled the week prior to school starting. I am working with the NIAA for next season to put the date on the calendar in May to help coaches coordinate their schedules. Currently, the method is frustrating for us all as the meeting is set mid-summer when the school's administration is out. When they return in late July there is a lot of information to get out quickly.
If there is interest for a separate coaches clinic - I am more than happy to provide one for newer coaches and also youth coaches. This meeting, however, is for high school spirit coaches only. This meeting is taking place simultaneously with all the other fall sports in various rooms at Galena. This is a rules meeting - not a clinic. We will be having our meeting in a classroom - so there are space limitations. In the event you are unable to attend, please contact me directly and I will forward you the annual test and pertinent information.
I hope this help! See you Wednesday. Thank you for the questions - keep them coming!
Deb Dowty Solari
(775) 342-5919

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