Wednesday, May 18, 2016

NNCA Mission and Focus

     The Northern Nevada Coaches Alliance for Cheer and Dance was founded in 2013.      Our official mission statement in the 2013 bylaws stated:

“The Northern Nevada Coaches Alliance is a non-profit organization of spirit coaches created to promote safety, sportsmanship, training, education, unity, consistency and networking among the spirit coaches of Nevada.”

     Our mission has always been to be a support system for spirit coaches.  Our main focus was Northern Nevada due to our geographical concerns and similarities in culture. We offered advice and support to our coaches when the previous Association disbanded. We picked up where they left off and offered scholarships, an end of the year performance team, and a cheer and dance coaches education conference.  We had participation from about 75% of the schools in the North, which was a lot of coaches helping and mentoring each other.

     Because of the nature of our sport, we have had many of the board members retire from coaching and not a lot of coaches able to step in and run the organization as a non-profit at its previous level.  After some conversations with the remaining coaches, incoming coaches and the Spirit Director for the NIAA, we will continue the group in more of an advisory position.  We will offer tips and advice as well as help out with tryouts and camps as needed.  We will no longer offer the scholarships, performance team and the coaches conference will be more of a pool of efforts and knowledge from many of the amazing long-time coaches in our area.

     The focus from here will be to continue to help coaches interpret and understand those issues specific to our area.  Understand the way that our teams, schools, districts and state view cheer and dance as a whole.  We are not a governing body and do not enforce rules, but we are the front line for safety of our kids. The NNCA will continue to help coaches with the task of running our programs and educating our teams and each other.  Each school is different and each coaching style is different, but together we and support each other and see teams and programs rise and succeed.
     The NNCA has been dear to me; it was my brain-child and I enjoyed serving as the president for 3 years.  I have loved meeting with the coaches and being able to learn from everyone I meet.  I have been able to mentor some amazing coaches and meet their teams.  I have had the privilege of becoming very good friends with many of them.  Often times relying on their knowledge and expertise as much as they did mine. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope that though our Alliance we continue to cross paths and share in this crazy journey! 


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