Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NIAA Pre-Season Rules Clinics - SPIRIT

The NIAA has set their Annual Pre-Season Rules Clinics. 
The administrations at your school will be sent this information this morning - they should be reaching out to you also about the below dates. I wanted to get them to you also for planning purposes.

Please Calendar:
August 2 Wednesday 5:00 pm Galena High School 
Reno, Nevada
August 7 Monday 11:30 am Chaparral High School
Las Vegas, Nevada
More information forthcoming!
You are welcome to attend either Rules Clinic to satisfy your Nevada coaching requirement. 
Deb is also in the middle of scheduling an AACCA certification (both Reno and Vegas) if any of you are needing renewal or are a first-time coach. Remember, this is one of the required certifications for Nevada coaches.
Have a great day - summer is finally here!
Keeping the Spirit!